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FACES is a voluntary, non-profit organization providing services and financial assistance for medically necessary travel to children and adults throughout the United States with severe craniofacial anomalies resulting from birth defects, injuries, or disease.

What is FACES Financial Aid?

FACES provides financial assistance to enable a client and one caregiver to travel out of town to a craniofacial/medical center for treatment(s). FACES assists with transportation costs, lodging, meals, toll fees, taxi/Uber fares, airfare, and in some circumstances, rental cars. There are maximum limits per trip.


To apply for financial aid for medically necessary travel, please complete the form below.

Please submit your financial aid application with a desktop or laptop computer.

Please do not use a cell phone to submit your application 

You will receive a confirmation email from FACES that we have received your application.

Please note that we look at the whole picture, not just the numbers. You will be able to explain your circumstances in the form.

You will need the following to complete this form:

  • All pages of your most recent income tax return (signed)

  •  Your most recent W2s (or documents showing income from Disability etc.)

  • Medical records giving diagnosis and prognosis - one or two pages is acceptable.

  • Front and left, and right side view photos of your child / yourself


If you have any questions, email Kim at or call the office at 800-332-2373

FACES: The National Craniofacial Association
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